Byron Bay Beaches

Byron Bay beaches are some of the top beaches in the world including The Wreck, Belongil, The Pass, Wategoes, Tallow Beach and more. Whether you’re looking for the perfect surf break, a lazy place in the sun to get some rays or a sheltered beach to take the kids, there really is something for everyone.


Dolphins and even Whales can be seen from the beach. There are fantastic walking trails from the town of Byron Bay all the way up to the Lighthouse. At certain times of the year there are also small lagoons that form on the beach making a great place for children to swim and play.

1. The Pass


The most famous wave in the Bay, where you have all extremes in one wave, from the point, which is hollow and fast breaking all the way past the rocks, and you must be experienced. Once past the rocks, it will break towards Clarks Beach, where the waves are more spilling and more suited for beginners.


2. The Wreck to Belongil


This beach starts at the western side of the Main Beach car park and heads west away from the Lighthouse.  Another great wave in Byron Bay that was formed when ‘The Wollongbar’ was washed from the old Byron Bay jetty during the 1920s.

‘The Wollongbar’ was then used as the major transport for all the tourists coming from Sydney to visit The Bay. You can still see the ‘rudder’ and ‘the boilers’ sticking out of the sand. Here both Lefts and Rights break on sandbanks that are always there because of The Wreck.

From here, all the way along Belongil Beach gets its good share of waves. It is great for both the experienced surfer and the beginner. The waves vary from fast hollow dumping waves, to soft spilling waves, dependant on what the swell and sandbanks are doing. It will pick up most swells from the north to the south and likes a west to south west wind but also a south east is surfable. The sweep is here if the swell is here.

byron bay surf

3. Clarkes to Main Beach


This beach runs from the end of The Pass back down to the carpark at the Byron Bay Surf Life Saving Club. This is Byron Bay’s main patrolled beach. The waves here are often fast and hollow but can often get small spilling waves depending on how big the swell is. There are both Lefts and Rights here, as long as the sandbanks are in good shape.

There are often rocks along here that come and go with the sand flow. It likes the wind to be from the south east to south west, and will pick up most swells. The sweep often comes with the swell, so you have to look for an exit point before you get to the rocky car park, otherwise you will get back to the beach in front of The Wreck, past the rocks.

The Pass

Watego’s Beach


Watego’s Beach is the most easterly beach in the Bay. It is very popular with Long boarders and is a great family beach. The waves are mostly spilling and will break all the way to The Pass.

All swells will get there, except a strong south swell. There is often a sweep (side-shore current) along this beach that will carry you towards the rocks and ‘The Pass’. You must always watch for an exit point to avoid being carried past the end of the sand, otherwise you must keep surfing to ‘The Pass’.

Byron Bay Beaches

Tallow Beach


Tallow Beach is the long open beach on the southern side of the lighthouse. It is an open beach that will pick up all swells.  It should only be surfed by experienced surfers, unless it is very, very small. The waves are fast and hollow, but can sometimes be spilling waves. It likes all winds from the North East, North West to South West.

The waves will break, no matter how small the surf is … Lefts and Rights. The south swell should be avoided, as this will push you onto and around the rocks. There are always rips and currents along this beach.

Byron Bay Beaches