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Zakay Glass Creations Gallery in Bangalow, part of the Byron Bay Shire, are the leading artisan providers of striking contemporary glass sculptures and inspired lighting solutions that capture the interplay of light created by sacred geometric codes.

Unique and timeless, these stunning three dimensional art works are resplendent of sparkling gemstones: facets and symmetries shimmer as colours of the rainbow bounce off their bevelled edges when they are touched by natural and artificial light. Adding majesty to any space in which they are displayed, a Zakay keepsake regularly decorates homes, balconies, corporate foyers and hotels around the world. Founding artist Asaf Zakay’s pursuit of creative and aesthetic excellence has resulted in three dimensional glass designs that capture the essence of nature. Using the stained glass technique (a process Asaf studied whilst in his native Israel) each magnificent creation is a sacred symbol, evolving from natural geometric patterns.

Asaf’s creations continue to inspire and with a new gallery in Bangalow he’s aiming to continue his growth in the comtemporary lighting space. Zakay Glass Creations already boasts a client list that includes Jamie Durie, Austin Hospital Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre and artist David Bromley.

These glass formations merge the modern with the esoteric, as structural modernism gives form to internal reflections on love. Coming into presence with such work is a reminder of the profound harmony of sacred ratios – Zakay creations organically reference the same rules that the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci was painted by and the architectural design of the Parthenon was built.

The company portfolio now includes 20 different shapes using a variety of intricate bevelled methods – and has now also expanded to incorporate ground-breaking lighting within the sculptures along with a new range of handblown German glass bespoke range.

On his new relationship with light the artist only says ‘It is like coming out of the shadows, a light is like a companion, you live with it, you build a relationship. It’s much more than a source of light to me

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