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Visual Emporium

Who am I? Am I an alien, an artist, an explorer, a visual buccaneer, a scientist, a computer geek, a designer or spawn from another dimension? I often ask myself these questions, but have not found the answer just yet.

Clearly you didn’t visit this page to share my existential crisis, so I will attempt to stick to facts and let you decide for yourself.

I am not as young as I’d like to think I am, however they tell me you are only as old as you feel. I’d like to say that the Facebook algorithm is correct and I’m about 27… but that would be flexing the truth a little too far. Let’s just agree that I’ve clicked past the half century, but somehow failed to grow up. Do not attempt to guess my ethnicity from my name. It will only lead to tears. We can save that for small talk if I ever get to meet you.

On the note of small talk, I perch proudly at the high functioning end of the Autism Spectrum. I have what used to be called Aspergers before the DMS decided to muddy the waters and remove the term. This means it can be excruciatingly difficult to have small talk with me – hence my earlier proposal. I tend to plunge straight into the deep end, and before you know it, your eyes will be glazed over as I enthusiastically prove that Tesla was probably the love child of both of Schroedinger’s Cats (there were definitely two of them).

I’m digressing. I apologise. I shall try to get to the point.

I am obsessive, focussed and experimental. My work ethic is relentless and I push myself beyond my limits. I am happiest when I’m tortured and twisted with the challenge of my latest artwork. I am shy and awkward, and struggle to promote myself.  I have a fondness for small furry critters, paint fumes and Tom Waits (I wonder if they are actually all the same thing?).

I would love to create something intriguing for you!



0403 117 294