Sacred Hearth Sanctuary

LocationByron Bay
Status Open now
Sacred Hearth Sanctuary
sacred hearth

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace

Sacred Hearth Sanctuary proudly rests on the land of the Arakwal people, who are part of the Bundjalung Nation. We would like to acknowledge the Arakwal people who are the traditional custodians of this land. We would also like to pay our respects to the Elders past and present of the Bundjalung Country, and we extend that respect to other indigenous people who are present.

In these uncertain times, with gratitude and humility, we have heard and honoured the call to provide a place for spiritual, mental and physical respite. Sacred Hearth Sanctuary is a beautiful, peaceful sanctuary where Love, Devotion and Service are the foundation.  It is a spiritual refuge, a place of inner reflection, a living Temple of the sacred flame where we can discover stillness, self-love, peace and deep rest in ourselves.

The Sanctuary offers a pure, inspiring atmosphere – a calm haven in which to rest, be nourished and recharge; participate in retreats and events for spiritual nourishment, purification, healing, upliftment and the remembrance of Truth. Our retreats and programs are not overly demanding, allowing space for stillness, contemplation and coming together in the ‘Sangha’, the spiritual community.

Our home is your home for the time you are here. Discover the simplicity of Being and deep connection with yourself, with others and with nature.

At Sacred Hearth Sanctuary you will find 35 acres of pristine nature, the essence and practice of yoga, meditation, contemplation, nature connection, self-enquiry and ceremony, a freshwater dam for swimming, delicious vegetarian meals and daily seva (selfless service) to harmonise the faculties of head, heart & hand. We offer retreatsday programs and gatherings for individuals at all levels of experience, carefully designed to ignite deep transformation,  Massage and healing modalities are also available during your stay.

Overlooked by the beauty of Mount Boogarem  (‘Lore’ Mountain), we are situated only 10 mins from Mullumbimby, beautiful swimming holes, the Byron hinterland and markets, 20 mins from the beach and 25 mins from Byron Bay. At the Sanctuary you feel miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We feel deeply humbled to share this piece of paradise with you.

Welcome to Sacred Hearth Sanctuary, into our Home and into our Heart. We look forward to meeting you and inspiring you to Dive in, Let Love and Let Life!

With love and deep gratitude
Emma & Mark

‘The clue to attaining purity of the heart lies in the three words, ‘serve’, ‘love’, ‘give’. Reflect deeply on these wonderful words. Remember that the salt of life is selfless service, the bread of life is universal love, the water of life is purity. Hence, serve, love, give and become pure.’  Swami Sivananda

Our Retreats

Sanctuary Restore – 2 nights / 3 days
Rest in the divine nourishment of spiritual practice, community and nature. Discover the simplicity of Being with yourself, with others and your environment. Rest, relax, be still, find clarity, rebalance your whole system through the support of daily practice.
DATES: 6 – 8 May 2022

Sanctuary Awaken – 3 nights / 4 days
​Awaken to Love. Learn to sit in meditation, relax into the fire of Truth and meet yourself directly through the vast ​intelligence of the body. Sanctuary Awaken offers you time to drop-in, rest in Presence and give yourself to the process of unwinding and resetting the system.
DATES: 16 – 19 Jun 2022

Sanctuary Deepen – 4 nights / 5 days
Sanctuary Deepen is designed to support your evolution as a True Divine Human, ever deepening in Love, living in the joyful wonder and allowance of Being You. Emma invites you to rest, soften in self-love, surrender to Truth and shine as the light of Love that you are.

Sanctuary Woman – 3 nights / 4 days
Rest in the sacred container of woman’s wisdom, love and care. Learn uniquely feminine practices to reconnect you with yourself, reigniting the flame of Sacred Feminine essence within.   A deeply nourishing environment where Emma Abhijeeta shares her Heart wisdom and deep experience. All women welcome, whatever phase of life.
DATES: 22- 25 September 2022

Personal Retreat 
Tailor-made to your needs and your current life situation.  Request a free 15 min consultation with Emma to discuss what is happening in your life and how we can work together for your awakening, healing and embodiment. Minimum 2 nights outside of scheduled retreat dates.

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Meditation – The Silence of the Heart, Mondays 6-7.30
At these crucial times we find ourselves in, to be rooted in Love is more essential than ever.
For sincere seekers of Truth, I am offering a weekly space to sit together in meditation and enquiry – an opportunity to feel and fully allow what is arising in honesty and to enquire into to the Truth of Reality.

When we gather together in this way the vibration of Love is amplified. Truth can be seen within yourself, questions can be clarified, misunderstandings can be realised and Love can be experienced as a reality, not simply as concept. It is deeply healing. Come as you are. All that is required is willingness, openness and a sincere heart
​EXCHANGE: by donation – pay whatever you feel from the Heart


Sunday Sangha
Last Sunday of the Month

Community gathering to open, awaken, inspire and uplift. We collaborate with visionary musicians, artists, speakers and performers to create Sunday Sangha for the community.  Hosted by Love Cake & Chai, our pop-up cafe.
​BOOK 6th Mar – Ben Jansz **new date TBC**
BOOK 27 Mar – Karuah FREE
BOOK 24 April – Chad Wilkins
BOOK 22 May – Nienke & David
BOOK 26 June – Murray Kyle
BOOK 31 July – Peter Hunt


Sanctuary Nourish Day
14 May 
A Day Retreat. Immerse in yoga, relaxation, meditation, silence, movement and guided nature ritual to deeply nourish, relax and restore. Swim in the natural freshwater dam, rest in nature. Includes delicious veg lunch.

‘Nourish’ Easter Gathering
15 – 18 April 2022 (4 day camp)
Total immersion retreat style camping experience on beautiful land only 10 mins from Mullumbimby, immerse in yoga, meditation, silence, satsang, movement, dance, kirtan and music held in the loving arms of Mother Nature. Slow down, rest, receive and recalibrate your whole system.  The ultimate mother hug for the body, mind and soul. Be Nourished – Be inspired – Be yourself


​Sanctuary Restore
6 – 8 May 2022 (2 night retreat)
Sanctuary Restore is designed to reset your whole system, offering a balanced program of yoga, breath-work, relaxation, meditation, ceremony, nature connection, stillness, contemplation and seva (selfless service) to balance head, heart and hand.

Sanctuary Awaken
16 – 19 Jun 2022 (3 night retreat
Over this 4 day experience, you will learn to sit in meditation, relax into the fire of Truth and to meet yourself directly through the vast ​intelligence of the body. You will be invited to relax, allow and soften in your experience. A complete reset and unwinding for the body- mind. Welcome.


Sanctuary Woman
22 – 25 Sept 2022 (3 night retreat)

What is it to be truly woman?
To rest in our Feminine essence – free, wild, cyclical, flowing, natural, intuitive and loving. Over the 4 days we give space for this discovery, deepen into the Ground of our Being, exploring sacred feminine practices to awaken and embody our Feminine essence.