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Welcome to Retro Campervans

Looking for adventure in the beachside town of Byron Bay, Australia? Well, this is one of the best travel destinations to visit in New South Wales. Holiday lovers from far and wide come here to explore the beaches and scenic hinterland. There is so much to see and do in Byron Bay that you will be spoilt for choice. And what better way to enjoy your vacation than going on a camping trip?

At Retro Campervans, we offer Byron Bay car hire services in vintage style to help you enjoy a memorable tour. We have a unique offering that you won’t find with other ordinary car rental agencies. Our fleet of rental vehicles exclusively comprises of classic Volkswagens.

Renting a VW campervan is an experience like no other. When you get behind the wheel of one of our original T2 or T3 Kombis, it will be like taking a step back in time.
You will also enjoy traveling in style inside your own home-away-from-home.
Still uncertain why to settle for a VW campervan, or want to know which type of van would suit your camping needs? You can find answers to these questions and more right here at Retro Campervans. Read on to learn about the VW campervan experience along with some handy tips that will help you make the most out of your camping expedition.

Reasons to Rent VW Campervans

Volkswagen Kombis and campervans are some of the most highly sought after RVs, and with good reason. Below are some of the benefits you get from traveling in a VW campervan while touring the lovely Byron Bay area.

Travel in Classic Style: You can choose to settle for a conventional RV from any Bryon Bay car rental agency, but opting for a VW campervan will allow you to travel in style. Volkswagen campervans have a classic ageless style that you won’t find in any other RV. Although Kombis dates back to 1970s, they are one of the most iconic cars in history because of their sheer beauty and quaint Hovis loaf appearance. For more than six decades, they continue to symbolize excellent craftsmanship when it comes to car manufacturing. As such, these lovely vans will add a retro yet timeless charm to your travel photos. They also make a great conversation starter that will earn you plenty of complements from travel buddies and people you meet along the way.
Plenty of Windows for Sightseeing: If you are planning to explore the natural beauty of Byron Bay, a VW campervan offers the perfect transportation. This van has plenty of windows, which makes it excellent for scenic touring. What’s more, the roof on classic Kombis pops open to provide panoramic views of the countryside for those sited in the back as you drive.
Good Value for Money: A VW campervan provides great value for your money because you will get both transportation and accommodation in one package. Think of renting a Classic Kombi or VW campervan like killing two birds with one stone. The vans you will find at Retro Campervans allow you to travel with all the comforts of home. This means you can stay out in the wild and still prepare meals on a stove, cool drinks in a real fridge and sit around a dinner table to eat. Self-catering helps you save on meals instead of eating out in restaurants every night, plus there will be no hefty hotel charges to incur.
Secure Way to Camp Out: Unlike tents, Volkswagen RVs provide secure accommodation as you camp out in the wild. With a VW campervan, you won’t have to worry about wild animals ravaging your belongings and turning an enjoyable camping trip into a disaster.

How to Choose the Right Retro VW Campervan Rental for You

When it comes to VW campers, there are many options from which to choose. At Retro Campervans, we offer a variety of Volkswagen vans to suite different needs. Below are some of the important factors to consider that will guide you in choosing a VW campervan that is right for you.

Size of the van

Depending on the layout, Volkswagen RVs may have more than one bed as well as several seats that can accommodate anything from a solo traveler to a family of four with two small kids. You should choose a van that offers enough space to store all your camping gear and adequate seats for everyone that will come along during the trip. In addition, ensure to select a camper van that offers adequate roof space, as this makes washing up and cooking easier.


Car rental services don’t come free, so it is important to find a VW campervan that fits your budget. Try to find ways to save money on your rental fees. For instance, you may opt for a campervan with lower rental rates or take advantage of our price drops for campers taking long tips that span 8 days or more.

Fixtures and accessories

Renting a campervan is all about having fun and not having to worry about the comforts of home while out and about. As such, you need to look into the kind of fixtures and accessories that come with various Volkswagen campervans. Our rentals are ready to go with everything you need such as beds, seats, a fridge, fire extinguishers, water tank, sinks, 2-burner camping stove, cables for campsite hook up and so much more.

Where you will be travelling

Planning to travel off the beaten track? If so, then make sure to rent a campervan that can maneuver poor quality roads with minimal difficulty. More often than not, smaller and newer vans cope with rough roads much better than large or older ones. In case you will be traversing tough terrain, our car rental Byron Bay team will be more than glad to recommend the best VW campervan that suits your travel needs.

What to Take in Your VW Campervan

Imagine having a campervan that is much like a home on wheels. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it? Well, that is exactly what you get when you choose to acquire car hire Byron Bay services from us. The beauty about Retro Campervans is that you can pack your clothes and a few essentials then take off on your epic travels. But, what exactly should you bring on your camping trip?

In order to provide a good guide for those who make us their preferred choice for campervan rentals, we have come up with a checklist that broadly comprises of the following categories.


While our VW campervans come with beds and roll down berths, you will need to pack beddings such as:

  • Blankets (come in handy when it’s cold)
  • Duvets or sheets
  • Pillows

Camping Equipment

While traveling in one of our restored Volkswagen Kombi campervans, you will have the pleasure of having several camping equipment packed for you. However, it may be wise to add the following items in your packing list.

  • Gas tank (to use with our 2-burner stove)
  • Solar lights and torches (these will come in handy at night or in case our primary and secondary batteries run out of charge)
  • Clothing line and pegs
  • Waterproof roof cover for insulation and rain (Vanorak is a recommended brand)
  • Hose/pipe to refill the water tank
  • Folding chairs and table (in case you want to dine outdoors)
  • Tent (although this is optional it might come in handy if all travelers can’t sleep in the van)

Personal Effects

  • Clothes
  • Towel
  • Toothbrush
  • First aid kit
  • Personal care hygiene products like lotion, toothpaste, etc.
  • Credit/debit card (safer than carrying cash)
  • Food and Cooking Appliances
  • Retro campervans offers crockery, a fridge, and stove to lighten your camping luggage. Additional items you may require include:
  • Food (our motorhome fridge eliminates the need for storing perishable food, fizzy drinks and booze in a cool box)
  • Cutlery and knives
  • Water bottles
  • Special purpose kitchen appliances, be it your toaster, blender or coffee machine
  • Kitchen towels
  • Dish detergent

Entertainment Accessories

At Retro Campervans, we offer a sound system player with AUX input to liven up your road trips. However, you are also free to carry any other additional entertainment accessories such as:

  • Books
  • Board games
  • Cards
  • iPod
  • Camera/camcorder
  • Kids toys

While this list is far from complete, it offers a good guide for some of the things you should carry when renting a VW campervan from us. In case of special requests like babysits or surfboard rentals, simply ask and our team will be sure to work something out for you.

Tips for Camping in a VW Campervan

Camping in a classic VW minibus is fun, but you also have to use the van well to make the most out of your camping trip. Here are a few tips that will help you achieve this goal.

Pack lightly and efficiently: VW campervans are not large vehicles, so space should be used wisely. Only pack the essential things you need. Avoid carrying excess baggage because the more stuff you take the longer it will take to set up camp.
Add a bit of time to your journey: Cruising at maximum speeds of 70mph, Volkswagen campervans are relatively slow vehicles. Adding a little bit more time to your journey will be ideal since this helps to avoid rushing your trip.
Start the engine to recharge the battery: The last thing you want to experience during a camping trip is being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no power and a dead car battery. To avoid this, make sure to start the campervan engine on occasion. This allows the alternator to recharge the campervan’s battery.

Why Rent VW Campervans From Us

With all the RV rental agencies that are out there, you must be wondering, “why settle for Retro Campervans?” By choosing to hire car Byron Bay campervans from us, here is what’s in store for you.

Fully equipped family friendly and solo traveler vans – Whether you are camping alone or with a group, we have an option for everyone. Want to go on a solo camping trip? Our Budget Traveller with a bed in the back makes the perfect choice. For larger groups, we have the Classic VW Kombi and T3 campervans, which come with double beds, 1 or 2 roll down bunkers, sinks, hook up cables, toolbox, on board water supply, crockery, storage cabinets, drapes, CD player, fire extinguisher, secondary battery, and fridge.
Maps: Are you a first time traveler and don’t know your way around Byron Bay, or you simply want to go off the beaten track? With the NSW east coast maps we offer, you can know where to go in true retro style and avoid getting lost.
Affordable rates: Our rental rates are not only reasonably price, but also all-inclusive . Therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying hidden charges.
Convenient location: Situated at the heart of Byron Bay, our rental agency allows you to start off your epic tours of the Northern Rivers region from a convenient location. We are also just 1.5 hours’ drive from Brisbane.
Classic VW campervans in excellent condition: Our VW Kombis and campervans have an excellent service record, so you can count on them to deliver reliable transportation for your camping trip.
Unrivalled customer support: At Retro Campervans, we are passionate about our work. Our business is run by 3 partners who all drive Kombis. We share in the VW campervan experience and know what it takes to provide a classic motorhome that allows you to camp in retro style. Meeting customer needs is an important part of our business, so do not hesitate to contact us when in need of a special request.

For more information about our campervans, feel free to browse our site. You can also fill an online form to get a free VW campervan rental quote. Whether you are planning to camp in the wild over a weekend or explore Byron Bay and its environs on a long road trip, Retro Campervans can meet all your camping transportation and accommodation needs.

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