Noel Hart

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Noel Hart

“I like wild things. whether wild species, landscapes, the weather, or the arts, I like it when I can sense a nearness to creation, creativity and the evolution of an idea”

Noel Hart is an Australian artist working across a range of art forms including blown glass sculptures, paintings, and mixed media. His work is an exploration of biodiversity and its translation into forms of expression. A distinctive aspect of Noel’s art is the recurring theme of the bird motif presented abstractly and figuratively.

Noel’s painting studio / gallery is located in the town of Mullumbimby in Northern New South Wales, not far from Byron Bay. His home in the nearby rainforest has a pulsing landscape of deep gorges and towering escarpments, and a high degree of biodiversity. Living in this location for 30 years has fueled the artist’s interest in nature conservation and natural history which in turn drives the concepts behind his art.

The blown glass is created at a private studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland, with a highly skilled team of glassblowers.



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