MANA Estate Agency

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MANA Estate Agency

MANA Estate Agency

The soul of local real estate.

Beyond the same old property thing, MANA offers a new way forward. As independent leaders in our region, they’re here to disrupt the stereotypical real estate agent franchise.

MANA understands the needs of our community, invests in our people, and fosters a strong culture to bring integrity and passion to real estate.

They cultivate relationships that last a lifetime and launch lifestyles that thrive.

MANA will find your happy place.

At MANA, they put people first. They see the ‘Serve us’ in Customer Service. This is your dream; they are here to make it a reality.

The company sees your visualisation. They join the dots of your property quest and walk with you every step of the way.

Helping families, couples, single parents, downsizers and upsizers make life-changing decisions every day. They’re with you through the moments of mid-campaign stress, the jittery pre-auction nerves, and that first move out of home into the student share house.

They’ll check in and share the key milestones of joy, tears, and excitement. It’s part of the journey that they love most.