Kiva Spa

Kiva Spa

No trip to the region is complete without a visit to the iconic Kiva Spa.
Established in 2000, this Balinese-style bathhouse and massage hub is located
in the center of magical Mullumbimby.

The lush tropical gardens provide an instant hit of wellbeing, but it’s the hydrotherapy
effects which soothe body & soul. Start your bathhouse visit by working up a sweat in
either the wet steam room or the dry wood-fired sauna. A quick shower, followed by a
cold plunge, then a relax in a hot pool is the best way to experience Kiva. Follow that with
a massage from one of our dedicated therapists for the ultimate relaxing experience.
With a no-device policy, the environment provides a rare opportunity to
relax and be truly present.

Prices start at just $30 and online bookings are essential.

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