GNF Real Estate

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GNF Real Estate

When we opened for business in 1976 we made a commitment to clients that we would set a standard of service that would far exceed their expectations. We still stand by that commitment.

So what can you expect from us?

  • A knowledge of the local market that others find difficult to match. For you, that means accurate and realistic assessments on pricing.
  • A wide selection of income producing properties – macadamias, cattle, orchards – plus an in-depth knowledge about the industries.
  • A high level of personal service. You’ll have one point of contact – your sales or letting agent – but the rest of the team is always there to help you as well.
  • A considerate approach. Buying and selling a property can be a confronting experience so we’re there to help.

For more information on our services or our extensive list of properties for sale please contact the office nearest you.

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