Dolphin Research Australia

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Dolphin Research Australia

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Our Purpose

Dolphin Research Australia Inc. is a charitable organisation whose mission is to increase the understanding of the ecology of dolphins, whales, their needs for survival and to improve their conservation and protection of their habitats.

Dolphin Research Australia was established in 2012 and since our humble beginnings, we have come leaps and bounds thanks to our amazing supporters and continue to provide a voice for the protection of dolphins and the oceans.

Our Mission

  •  Aid in the protection and conservation of dolphins and other marine species through research and education.
  • Undertake research into key ecological aspects of dolphins and whales to improve the understanding of their requirements for survival.
  • Advance knowledge on the impacts of human activities on the health of dolphins, whales and the marine environment.
  • Raise environmental awareness and conservation issues through education and training programs

Our Impact

Since 2012, Dolphin Research Australia has reached many milestones on a very limited shoestring budget!

Here’s just a few of the achievements our grass roots organisation has had since 2012;

  • > 2,615 citizen science field research hours
  • > 1,994 dolphins identified in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales
  • > 29 injured, stranded or deceased dolphins and whales assisted within the Northern New South Wales region
  • > 346 members
  • > 22 scientific publications
  • > 2,127 people educated in our formal education programs and many more through our community engagement opportunities and presentations
  • > 18 major events (including festivals, film fundraisers and public beach clean-up events



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