Byron Bay Train

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Byron Bay Train
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There is capacity for 100 seated passengers, additional standing passengers and luggage room for bikes, prams and surfboards, carried free of charge. The train runs a return shuttle service for the three kilometre journey between North Beach Station in Sunrise Beach and the Byron Beach platform next to the Shirley Street level crossing.


0 – 5 years free
6 – 13 years $2
14+ years $3

For a one way journey. There is also a ten ticket adult pass for $27, offering a saving of 10%.


Both platforms have seating, shelter and bicycle racks. The North Beach Station is adjacent to Bayshore Drive serving the Byron Arts Estate, Sunrise Beach and Elements of Byron resort. Drive to the end of Bayshore Drive, which is off Ewingsdale Road (the main road into Byron township from the Pacific Highway).

The Byron Beach platform is next to the Shirley Street level crossing in Byron Bay township between the First Sun Caravan Park and Simmos Caltex Service Station. Where Shirley Street changes into Lawson Street.


An additional 100 car spaces were constructed with the upgrade of Bayshore Drive in the Council road reserve next to the North Beach station. Parking here is free. Byron Shire Council operates two public car parks within 100 metres of the Byron Beach platform. Bicycle racks are provided at both platforms, or bikes can be carried free of charge on the train.


In accordance with the Public Transport Act, pets are not permitted to travel on the Byron Bay Train.


The safety management and operating procedures for this train service do not require additional property or safety fencing of the rail corridor. They have been developed around low speed operation and clear sighting along the rail corridor. Transport for NSW still reserves the right, however, to direct Byron Bay Railroad Company to fence some or all of the rail corridor boundary.


In the rail industry the 600 series rail cars are known as one of the quietest trains. This service operates on a section of track which is almost dead level and straight for its entire length and which has long-welded 110m rail lengths. Further, the train operates at slow speeds. These factors, when combined with the retrofitted solar powered electric engines, substantially reduce noise. The train has also been fitted with a suburban whistle which is far less intrusive than the country horn that people are familiar with. The whistle is sounded on approach to the Kendall Street level crossing.

Vegetation maintenance

BBRC is required to clear and maintain vegetation within the rail corridor for safety and compliance with various legislation. Clearing of the right-of-way has been undertaken on this line as a maintenance activity since it was opened in 1894. Weed control will be carried out periodically as it has over the last 100 years.


Rail Safety Regulations require the train to operate with the headlights on at all times. The train is equipped with dual sealed beam headlights which shine a beam directly in front of the train. As most of the track is straight and on the only curve all residences are located on the inside of the curve any impact from lighting is mitigated. Lighting at the platforms is aimed directly down and shielded from the sides to prevent glare to the train driver and nuisance to residences.


BBRC is required to comply with the Rail Safety National Law and Regulations and has developed extensive safety management plans and operating procedures to ensure it does so. These have been approved by the National Rail Safety Regulator. BBRC is an accredited Rolling Stock Operator and Rail Infrastructure Manager.

All rail employees are required to undergo pre-employment medical examinations and are subject to random drug and alcohol testing. The Rail Safety Regulator has mandated that two competent employees must be in charge of every train. Additionally, there is an extensive training and competency assessment process for train driver positions and there are maximum permissible hours on duty for train crew.

Byron Bay Railroad Company

Byron Bay Railroad Company Ltd (BBRC) is a not for profit company limited by guarantee and is an accredited heritage rail operator. As a not-for-profit company, all revenue must be re-invested in the organisation’s rail assets. Dividends cannot be disbursed to any individual or company. BBRC holds a non-exclusive licence from Transport for NSW to use the rail corridor and rail infrastructure and is required to maintain both these state owned assets at its own cost.

The rail corridor and rail infrastructure including any improvements made by BBRC remain the property of Transport for NSW.

BBRC has obtained accreditation from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator as a Rail Transport Operator being both a Rail Infrastructure Manager and a Rolling Stock Operator. BBRC is required to comply with the Rail Safety National Law including mandatory safety and operating procedures. A comprehensive safety management plan has been developed in collaboration with expert consultants and industry practitioners specifically for this operation.

Development Approval was granted on 17 September 2015 from Byron Shire Council for the construction of the two platforms, the train storage shed and other ancillary works.

On 21 August 2017 the National Rail Safety Regulator provided a variation to BBRC’s accreditation which acknowledges and supports the modification of the train from diesel to solar power.


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