Bangalow Chamber of Commerce

Bangalow Chamber of Commerce

Fall in love with Bangalow, a village where you can experience a sense of community, sample fine food, appreciate art and history and discover special finds in fashion and homewares.

Nestled in the valley of the Byron Bay hinterland, this charming town offers a balmy climate combined with unlimited opportunities to shop, play, taste and stay in sophisticated yet friendly surrounds. Unwind, indulge your senses or simply enjoy a menu of natural attractions.

A 15 minute drive from Byron Bay, Bangalow is also within easy reach of panoramic coastlines and pristine national parks.


Just a little above Byron Bay (just 15 minutes drive) over the picturesque rolling green hills, Bangalow is a cosy village with a vintage feel, set up in the hills of the Byron Bay hinterland. Yours to shop, dine, play and explore, Bangalow has many charming characteristics and unique features that attract visitors of all tastes. A relaxed pace town, Bangalow is quickly becoming a popular destination for visitors – as a day trip across from Byron Bay, a full holiday experience or as a place to make your home.

Bangalow is renowned for its strong feeling of community and with one of the largest populations of families in the Shire there is a high level of care for community values. Bangalow is also renowned for its picturesque countryside and agricultural pursuits. The surrounding green, rolling hills are a patchwork of fruit trees, macadamia orchards, coffee plantations, dairy cattle and other agricultural activities which offer much to visitors sampling the local produce.


The name Bangalow appears to have been derived from an aboriginal word, “Bangalla”, said to mean a low hill or kind of palm tree. These palms are still present today and are a major characteristic of the rustic town.

It is likely that the surrounding area of Bangalow became a home for cedar cutters temporarily in the 1840s with little development taking place here until 1881 when the town was first settled by Thomas Robinson.

The town was known as Bangaloe until 1907, when the modernised spelling came into use. At this time the town became the centre of the surrounding agricultural farmlands. It is only in recent years that the charming historic streetscape of the main street, the stylish cafes and boutique shops, the monthly markets and its proximity of being just a little above Byron Bay has increased Bangalow’s appeal as a tourist destination. Fresh local produce is a feature in the award winning cafes, restaurants and farmers markets.




There is a great facebook group Bangalow Memories which you may like to join to share memories and history
Bangalow Heritage House Museum and Café and the Bangalow Historical Society are a wealth of amazing information, follow them here