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80 River St

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Witzig Gallery Art & Architecture

Witzig Gallery specialises in Papua New Guinea contemporary art. These unique paintings, both traditional and imaginery show the way in which Papua Niuginian artists respond to their contemporary world.The contemporary PNG art movement has developed over the last 3o years resulting in many of the artists moving away from their customary villages and into urban environments.

This shift has resulted in a departure from the tradtional art forms and a continuing exploration of new materials. The introduction of acrylic and oil paints has allowed new forms of creative expression to evolve and with the limitless source of of stories and inspiration for the artists.

The first generation of contemporary artists have been succeeded by new generations, and the movement is following the Australian Aboriginal art in terms of growing international reputation and recognition.

Paul Witzig of Witzig Schulz Architects and Planners has been designing buildings along the East coast of Australia since 1981. This extensive knowledge and experience has resulted in the design of four hundred buildings many of which can be seen on the North Coast of NSW, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Victoria.

During the 1960s Paul Witzig produced surfing films that documented the surfing revolution that saw the end of the longboard era and the start of modern surfing.

Paul Witzig’s triology of surfing films –Volume 1 includes The Hot Generation (1967), Evolution (1969) and Sea of Joy (1970) they have been restored, re-mixed and reborn on widescreen DVDs. The three classic movies all look better than ever

The films remain a true reflection of the era in which they were made. Image Editions have been taken from these films and are available in archival matted prints signed by Paul.

John Witzig played a significant part in defining the new-found international influence of Australian surfing in various magazines. His sought after Limited Edition photographic prints are on exhibition and available from Witzig Gallery.

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